Landfill Advisory Committee

Landfill Advisory Committee Members:
David Arakawa, Esq.
Thomas Arizumi

John Goody
Joe Lapilio
Tesha Mālama

Janice Marsters, Ph.D.
Richard Poirier

Chuck Prentiss, Ph.D.

George West

Meeting Notices
Final Report and Appendices

The search is underway for possible landfill sites to supplement or replace Oahu’s only municipal solid waste (MSW) landfill, the Waimanalo Gulch Sanitary Landfill (WGSL).

A Land Use Commission (LUC) order in 2009 required the City to begin the process of identifying one or more landfill sites to supplement or replace the WGSL.  The City’s own Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan calls for the City to identify a new MSW landfill site by 2012 with the assistance of a panel of community members to advise the City.

The 12 members of this landfill site selection committee were chosen based on multiple criteria including technical expertise and experience, community involvement and availability to serve.  All committee meetings were open to the public and to public comment.

The voluntary members of the committee provided advisory recommendations to the City concerning the selection of a future site for a landfill to accept MSW, ash and residue from the City’s H-POWER waste-to-energy facility, and construction and demolition debris waste for the island of Oahu. The committee met for the first time on January 20, 2011 and submitted its final report and recommendations in September 2012..

Tim Steinberger, director of the city’s Department of Environmental Services, reported to the Council committee (January 31, 2011) that the advisory committee will necessarily have to consider WGSL in comparison to other locations in order to make its recommendations.

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